• Delwyn James

Remember this !?! HipHop and RnB music party game for adult game night.

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This game is the culmination of the beauty and power of music: the ability, with just a song, to make people feel in the exact same way they felt the first time they heard it. Delwyn and Tamika James, have been able to recognize this ability and turned their favorite pastime of having friends and family over for a nice meal, which often ends with the radio blasting and people dancing, into a card game we can all play at our own home. “Remember this !?!” is the first game of this genre, blending trivia, hip hop, and RnB music together for an incredibly fun experience that be can be played with points or turned into a drinking game for adults.

Only a few things are needed to play: an electronic device a Wireless Speaker, and one among the best-known streaming services like Youtube, Apple Music, or Spotify; and that’s it, after dividing the group of players into two teams, you can finally play this fantastic game! Many people purchased the game to have some quality and fun time during this quarantine, especially for thanksgiving were, as we all know, families tend to gather together and all the good reviews are surely giving everyone an insight on how fun the game actually is and how through music, it can open good discussions between different generations about common experiences that we all face growing up. Mr. and Mrs. James wanted to be sure to deliver the best possible product, so they chose premium quality cards that are not bendable and are guaranteed to last and provide hours of fun for you, your friends, and your family.

For further instructions on how to play the game or to purchase one, you can head to the official website or on amazon.

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